Our Day

  Children learn every second of the day from every single thing they see, do, and experience. Learning at Happy Day goes far beyond the three Rs, ensuring your child will receive a well-rounded education through the experienced and loving guidance of our teachers.

Start of the Day

Each day begins with a prayer, a Bible memory verse, and a pledge to the American and Christian flags, and the Bible.
Children learn the days of the week, months of the year, and review the calendar/weather charts, and class helpers are assigned for the day.


Our preschool and kindergarten curriculums equip your child for their academic future with interesting, colorful, and engaging materials that teach letters and sounds, math concepts, reading readiness, writing, and other developmental skills.


Our 4 playgrounds provide lots of room for group games, outdoor sports, climbing, free play, and exploration on multiple play structures that encourage gross motor development.

Partnering with Parents

We recognize families as our most important resource and understand that staying involved with your child and their school experience is both necessary and vital. When your child attends Happy Day, we make it easy and convenient for you to stay informed with multiple means of communication: daily student reports, monthly newsletters, bulletin board reminders, sharing information on the Happy Day website and our facebook page.